For the past two months, I’ve been working on this music video, called “Pretend“…  (And it’s finally on vimeo!!!)  The first month was all pre-production and shooting and the second month was all editing.  Although this project was very intense, I really enjoyed working on it.  Shooting was so much fun…  we went to a conservation area and there was hardly anyone there, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves which was nice.  It was also fun setting a fort up on my bed.  I really wanted to keep it up, but the nails and duct tape kept falling out of the ceiling.

The song “Pretend” is by a Canadian band Lights.  I love the lyrics to the song.  I think they’re sad, but in a nostalgic kind of way.  My intent was to make the music video sad, nostalgic, magical, whimsical, mysterious, enchanted, and depressing, but hopeful.  I really miss being a kid and all the silly shennanigans that go along with that, and when I think about it, it gives me a bitter-sweet feeling.  And that’s what I was going for.  Please let me know what you think!!!!

Watch it here.

Copyright © Nikki Tranchita 2010


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